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Fully saturated groups / Dual boiler technology

Dual boilerFully saturated groupDry steam systemAdjustable drip tray

The RE Doppia seamlessly integrates the latest Rocket Espresso technology with a specification and componentry level that reflects a machine strategically positioned in terms of price versus features. Contrary to suggesting any compromise in quality, the Doppia excels in its class through ingenious engineering, surpassing the performance of most machines. Featuring a 4.3” TFT display on the front panel allowing USB drive compatibility for software updates and Wi-Fi module-enabled programming through a browser, the Doppia embodies contemporary ease of use. A pressure transducer-controlled service boiler ensures rapid steam pressure recovery and a PID-controlled brew boiler for impeccable temperature stability, the Doppia meets the demands of even the most high-performing cafes. Adjustable drip trays on two levels (min 8.5 - max 125) add versatility to accommodate various cup sizes and preferences.

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  • 2 Groups

    3 Groups

  • Technology

    Dual Boiler

  • Portion Control


  • Coffee Boiler

    4 l

    6.3 l

  • Main Boiler

    9 l

    14 l

  • Power

    5 kW

    5.8 kW

  • Dimensions

    848W × 603D × 500H mm

    1060W × 603D × 500H mm

  • Bodywork

    Stainless steel AISI 304

  • Boiler Material

    Stainless steel AISI 316L

  • Thermal Control

    PID / Pressure Transducer

  • Steam Wands

    Stainless Steel + cool touch

  • Cup Height

    85 mm (tall version: 125mm)

  • Shot Timer